Dancing Under the Stars with LT Smooth

Date: Friday, July 11th
Time: 9:30pm
Location: Hemming Village
Price: FREE! Donations accepted.

Come dance under the twinkle of the stars. Enjoy the nightlong party filled with music and fun along the side of, Grammy nominee, LT Smooth. Bring your family and friends. It is an opportunity not to miss.

A word from LT Smooth:
LT Smooth

“I was born and raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  My story is long, but here is a short version. I have spent too many years of my life doing drugs and alcohol, and running from the law and the people that loved me the most. It’s been eighteen years sober now, and I would never change a thing. The music has been the change in my life. The lyrics I write and the music that I compose is about my journey through the struggles that I have conquered. My music is my tools I use to help, encourage, heal, and to mend what we go through in life. This is my story of FREEDOM on MY JOURNEY to make a CHANGE in life.

Music + Love = Life” (www.ltsmooth.com)

​LT Smooth