LT SmoothIt all began with my own life, through the battles of feeling lost and trying to fit in to a world which demands so much of me.  Hitting the streets where I did drugs and drank alcohol to find comfort, by easing away the pain after being through so much in my life I finally gave up.  Looking at the scars on my body and the cuts and bruises of my trials through life, I can only do one thing, cry. I cried to heal and prayed to save myself from taking my own life.
There are many lessons I have learned after facing head on with the barrel of a gun. I had been at the lowest part of my life. Why me? How did this happen? It’s not fair! It’s over! These are the questions I kept asking myself trying to find the answers to.

It has been twenty years from that moment until now. I know why I am alive today. I’ve seen so much of my family and friends die, and kids who have given up on themselves because of broken homes and abusive relationships, and many reasons they could not find the answers to their cry of help! I know why God put me on this earth for and the reasons I had to face the hard knocks I went through to be who I am today.

Everyday I want to save a life, now with a passion and hunger! Everyday I want to live for that one who is on the bottom of his or her lowest point in their life, and save them from darkness to light, from fear to love, and from sadness to happiness. I want to give them all the love and care they need to be free! As Mother Theresa would quote,”If you can’t save one hundred, then save one out of a hundred.” The only way we can save a life is to…..Live for that one, so that they CAN live their legacy with many more to come!

Our mission statement is to….. Save Lives, change lives, and embrace the gift of life through love, hope, joy and peace.


Growing up in New Zealand, there has always been a big scene of music. I remember standing outside a pub watching the uncles play music wishing someday I can be like them.  I was too drugged out to even think I could get a chance any time soon! There was gift in me that I didn’t even know I had until I became clean and sober! I play many instruments and found that whatever I put my hands to, I would master it very quickly, because my heart was in love with music. Music to me is medicine now. It helps me feel, see, and touch, and be grateful for what I have and become. Music changes lives, saves lives, and it also can take a life, but I use my music to inspire kids and people who need help finding the strength to overcome their fears and struggles in their lives. There is a light on the other side, and it is freedom, and a life of peace, joy and meaning!


My goals are very clear, I want to travel the world helping people through the stories of my life, using the music I have been gifted with, but mostly hands on, in caring with what I can do and give. It is not a mistake we are still here today, and given a chance to live and breath everyday just so we can sit and be comfortable on our own,  yet there are still people out there who are in need of help. I will never let my arms rest in reaching out to give and give until I can’t give no more. Walking the road is one thing but paving the road is another!


My first CD I released in 2007.  An album I’m so proud of and also the beginning of telling stories about my life. Freedom is named after my hard trials and the beginning of the new chapters of my LIFE. This album has been up for many awards and has changed many lives through the songs I wrote about my myself. It’s only the start of a book about myself.

MY Journey CD is a reminder of where I’m heading in my life.  A CD full of awesome songs about who I am, what I have done, and where I’m heading to next. A road in where I trusted my faith in God. I have tried every road there is to be happy, and yet I’m still running. Now I have so much focus and determination with a purpose to reach my goals.  I take them one step at a time, saving lives for a living!

This CD brings me closer as to why I’m on this earth.  Why family is important, why mothers and fathers play a big roll in our lives, why youth groups and churches are praying for our safety, and the reason why we are here today. The spirit of giving, hope, love, peace, joy, happiness, caring, and sharing the love this world really needs !!! Fly and be free from all that we are and not look back to the past, but enjoy the blessings ahead and live in the moment and taste the blessing.

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