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They say it takes a village to raise a child… well, raising this “baby” each year takes a herd… and then some!

Witnessing the pageantry and culture is one of the many blessings derived from the Idaho International Dance & Music Festival. Possibly the greater joy comes from volunteering to help or even hosting dancer’s in your home. We need people “on task” from the moment the Festival participants land in Salt Lake City until the very last one boards their plane for home. (And even after that in wrap up.)

We need ushers, parking attendants, setup and cleanup crews, team guides, ticket takers, info givers, Youth Culture guides, street festival workers and participant host families. (See 10 Reasons to Participate.)

In fact…

One of the greatest opportunities for patrons of the Idaho is to host two to four dancers in their homes for the duration of the Idaho International Dance and Music Festival. They greet the dancers as they arrive in buses from Salt Lake City. The dancers are taken to their homes where one of the greatest cultural exchanges in the world takes place.

Over the next eight days the dancers play with, eat with, and in general get to know each other. Host families are given free tickets to the performances so they support their dancers.

They also receive discounts on food and services throughout the community during their participation. They are given many other perks along with an official t-shirt of the Festival.

Hosting Festival participants is a great opportunity to expose children to a different culture, teach them about other parts of the world, and show a tolerance over world issues. The worst part of being a host family is the parting when the tears flow as the dancers board their bus to leave.

Want to be a host family?

If you would be interested in being a host family for the next International Dance and Music Festival, please follow the link below to learn more.

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