The art troupe of Capital University of Economics and Business is a team composed variety forms of performance by students from Beijing. The visiting team consists of some members of the Chinese traditional instruments, Western instruments and a magic performer.

In 2014, they took a part in the 26th APEC art performance in China. In 2013, they won the first grade prize in folk music ensemble in Beijing College Students Arts Festival and Exhibition. In 2009, they held a performance trip in the United States. In 2007, this group club held exchange concerts with Osaka University of Japan;

We have a 6 members from choir, and 7 members from band. But the photos are the large groups photo. You can chose to use it or not. For the Choir, please note it the words : Beijing International Studies University.

traditional-chinese-ensemble star-performer hoop-man impressive-umbrellas umbrella-group art-troupe-of-capital-university-of-economics-and-business-orchestra