Name: Folk culture choreographic ensemble ROVESNIKI  (The Mates).

Founder:  Vyacheslav Vasilievich Beloglazov, Ph D. in Pedagogy.

City: Blagoveschensk, Amur Oblast, the Russian Federation.

Year of foundation: 1967.

Honoured by the Russian Ministry of Culture;
Model choreographic ensemble of the Russian Ministry of
Gold Medal of the Peace Foundation;
M.V. Lomonosov Gold Medal and National Grant;
Honoured by the National Komsomol Organization;
Winner of Russian and International choreographic festivals.

Since 1994 Elena Vladimirovna Fedina, National Honour for Activities in Arts; National Honour for Activities in Education; a Distinguished Teacher Award for “The achievement in Culture”, is the artistic Director of the ensemble.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes Russian folk dance, international dance, and choreographic compositions.

ROVESNIKI  includes 550 talented young people ages from 5 to 20 years old.

ROVESNIKI   is the leading choreographic dance school  and ensemble in the Russian Far East. The educational expertise created there is eagerly adopted  by the other art directors and the heads of different dance groups of Blagoveshchensk.


Choreography is an efficient and engrossing means of education. ROVESNIKI masters the classical and folk dances, study the theory and theatre   techniques, gymnastics, and acrobatics, martial arts, and bodybuilding.  The mission of the ensemble is not only to teach dancing, but to create the environment that aims to develop children’s personality, abilities, and talents.

The hallmark of the ROVESNIKI  pedagogy is peer learning, introduced into the children’s dance education by Vyacheslav Vasilievich Beloglazov. The foundation of this approach is based on collaboration of both children and tutors.

ROVESNIKI emphasizes family values and the development of ethical life principles. The children are taught the right attitude toward themselves and to other members of society, to help the growing person to acquire the main life principals and the necessary knowledge of family life in order to create their own stable families in future.

During the classes of music education, children develop appreciation and ear for music.

The educational philosophy of ROVESNIKI is based on the principle of self-governance. Everyone in ROVESNIKI, including children, their parents, and teachers, follow that principle.

ROVESNIKI has also several clubs based on children’s interests and talents which help create a special atmosphere in the ensemble. Classes conducted by the Tales Club, Pochemuchki (why-boys and why-girls) Club, Golden Horn Club, and Fascinating Meetings Club give children an opportunity to fulfill their talents, to experience success, and grow their potential.

All members of the ensemble belong to a patronage family, a group that includes senior, middle, and junior students. These families help to develop a strong connection among generations of students and provide support for peer learning. Continuity of generations – is the main tradition of ROVESNIKI that is why all the tutors in the ensemble are its former graduates.

ROVESNIKI is an active participant in different charitable events, which are an integral part of the educational process that gives the students the feeling of mercy toward other people. In 1986 the Ensemble was awarded Gold Medal of the Russian Peace Foundation for annual donations earned through the performances. For many years ROVESNIKI  patronizes the onko-hematology Department of the Amur Regional Municipal Children’s  Hospital and the an orphan home in Sadovnoye village. The dancers of ROVESNIKI organize holidays and invite the children to their performances. Since 2009 the ensemble started its cooperation with the charity fund organized by the popular Russian actress Chulpan Khamatova “Gift the Life” where the ensemble donates money received from the performances.

Great attention is paid to the patriotic education of the students in ROVESNIKI  through dances, discussions and other social events.

ROVESNIKI is registered in the Book of the Records of the Russian Federation as the Biggest Choreographic group for Children (2007, the registration number – 11.724).   On its 45th anniversary in 2012 ROVESNIKI organizes a great city event called ROVESNIKI ARE FOREVER TOGETHER. A lot of people including the students of the ensemble, their parents and tutors, former graduates and just friends took part in that event. They were all dancing at the street and broke a record that was  registered in the Book of the Records of the Russian Federation in the category “The synchronous  street dance with the most great number of participants” – 2000 dancers (registration number – 13.749).

In 2013 ROVESNIKI with the support of the Administration of Blagoveshchensk city and Blagoveshchensk’s city Duma became the organizer of the I International Folklore Dance Festival “At the Crossroad of three Cultures”, where the dance troupes from Russia, Mexico and China took part. The aim of the Festival was to strengthen the international cooperation, to create an integrated cultural environment for support and development of the creative initiatives. The Festival “At the Crossroad of three Cultures” helped strengthen the political, economic and cultural relationships between countries.

The same year the citizens of Blagoveshchensk named ROVESNIKI as one of the “7 Wonders of Blagoveshchensk”, because the ensemble greatly contributes to the city, oblast, and country cultural development, it represents the Russian Federation at different international events.

ROVESNIKI has successfully  performed all over Russia and abroad in England, France, Denmark, Bulgaria, Greece, Japan, The United States of America, China, Turkey, South Korea, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Switzerland, Northern Cyprus, Taiwan and other countries.


ROVESNIKI vividly represents the Russian Federation at the international festivals, supported by UNESCO and CIOFF, where the children and their tutors represent the Russian culture abroad, preserve and multiply the national traditions, greatly contribute to the reinforcement of friendship between nations.