American Ryhthm

American Rhythm is a folk dance ensemble for youth in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Idaho, USA. Our repertoire features American clogging, a cross-pollination of various early European immigrant, Native American and African Slave percussive dance forms with roots primarily in the southern Appalachian Mountain region. What was once an improvisational individual display has become a national and international movement, with its growth incorporating elements of tap, French Canadian and Irish step-dancing, jazz and hip hop. Today it is one of America’s most entertaining and exciting dance genres.

We also train our dancers in regional and national folk dances to present a well-rounded and accurate historical review of the traditional dance styles of the United States. Our repertoire reflects our diverse heritage, ranging from Hula to Charleston, Hoe Down to Hip Hop, Southern Waltz to Lindy Swing, as well as traditional and contemporary forms of clogging. Please visit our website at for more information!

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